CV writing and SSAT

The SSAT is the abbreviated term for Secondary School Admission Test, which is organized by the SSATB, the Secondary School Admission Test Board. It is a test that can be taken by students of grades 3- 11 for admissions in schools that are private, independent, middle or high schools. A better score places you in a better school.

As one crosses another threshold of the school life, one can may sit for exams like SSAT or which can bring a person ahead in facing the world. In this era, where the resume is deemed to be everything in a person’s outlook of life; One can be bemused over the question of whether to mention the SSAT score in a CV or not. Mentioning a test score can help a person to identify the academic potential, if she/ or he is being considered for an academic curriculum. Also, the mentioning of a test score can impress an employer with regard to academic excellence and achievement. Some people are also of the opinion that having such classified information could be adjudged as plain redundancy.

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IQ Quiz for SSAT

In this competitive world, secondary education is a gateway to the opportunities and benefits of economic and social development. Demand for higher levels of education is growing rapidly as the countries around the world approach universal primary education. And, globalization and the increasing demand for a more sophisticated labor force combined with the growth of knowledge-based economies gives a sense of urgency to the heightened demand for secondary education.

In today’s world, secondary education has a very important role. Secondary education is now being recognized as the cornerstone of educational systems in the 21st century. Quality secondary education is indispensable in creating a bright future for individuals and nations alike. The Secondary School Admission Test, or SSAT, is an admission test administered by the Secondary School Admission Test Board (SSATB) to students in grades 3-11 to help determine placement into independent or private elementary, middle and high schools.

SSAT supports students and families pursuing private school education around the world. The school, admission testing, and the application process are maintained by SSATB. There is a similarity between the tests SAT and SSAT names, the SSAT is not related to the SAT Reasoning Test and is not administered by the College Board. But before attending SSAT, prepare with the iq test for better results. Parents have to train their kids in such a way that they clear the exam in a successful way.

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Study part time or vocational courses during SSP

People who are on SSP are not legally allowed to be in alternative employment, unless it is of temporary nature. In any case, most of them physically indisposed to take up any kind of a job. When a person is on SSP, there is always a possibility of him/her to be affected by depression or loss of self esteem. This happens because the mind is idle and when that is coupled with the inactive status and low self esteem that people have during SSP, which can result in a detrimental turn of health. People on SSP leave may not also be in a good physical condition to seek part time employment but they can surely put their idle minds to use by taking up some educational or vocational course.

Education is as never ending process and it can either be formal or experienced based. However, to survive and grow in the corporate world, people must be prepared to equip themselves with formal education and certificates. Organizations attach much more value to formal education, than experience and so, people on SSP must utilize their free time and study a course which is best suited to their skill set. They can also select a vocational or certificate course which can help them to increase their span of skill sets. There are numerous online educational institutions which offer part time and short term courses. People on SSP leave must explore their opportunities and select a course which fits into their realms of time, expertise and usefulness.

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Your guide to SSAT test

Premier schools and institutions have limited seats and as a result, would like the most eligible of the students to fill those. However, it is difficult for the institutions to gauge the knowledge of the students because of the varied educational systems and knowledge imparting methods that the various faculties employ. Only if all the students are tested under a uniform assessment module can the actual knowledge levels can be established. SSAT test provides that kind of assessment mediums for all the students and comes with a percentile rating that is widely accepted as a standard across many schools in the country.

SSAT test is based on the modules and syllabi of education that is used in the country and tests the students’ awareness on it. This system gives an even platform on which the students can strive to outdo each other. The SSAT test is categorized into five segments, each one testing a different skill of the students. These are Verbal, Reading, Essay and two segments of quantitative analysis.

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